922 Marcalváros
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Min Stops Recommended transfer possibilities
Révai Miklós utca
(city centre, railway station)
Baross Gábor út, Szigethy Attila út
Nagy Imre út, virágbolt
Lajta út, posta
0 Lajta út, gyógyszertár
1 Bakonyi út, marcalvárosi aluljáró 1, 1A, 1B, 21, 21B
2 Marcalváros, Kovács Margit utca 1, 37T, 921
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Departures from Lajta út, gyógyszertár [01]:
On schooldays (Mondays to Fridays) On non-school working days On Saturdays On Sundays and public holidays
No departures. No departures.
23:  9924
No departures.
99 = Service on 28 August 2021.
= Transfer to the specified line direction 'there' according to the timetable.
Extraordinary night lines (starting from number 901) can be used free of charge.