Kálóczy tér
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Location of the stops in the group:
Code X (longitude) Y (latitude) Map Lines serving the stop
00 17.629098 47.692227 A No lines serve the stop.
01 17.629192 47.692185 B 6, 911, CITY
Map of the stop (Google Maps) Map of the stop (Google Maps)
Photo of the stop
Next available services at the stops above, by line and direction:
Line Direction Stop code Next departure
6 Kismegyer 01 10:06
911 14-es út, Árkád üzletház 01 Beyond 1 day
CITY Egyetemi Csarnok, Mobilis 01 10:01
The departures shown above are based on the static timetable! For more precise data, please select Dynamic vehicle tracking at the top of the page.
Other near stops:
Name Lines serving the stop
Rónay Jácint utca
Széchenyi István Egyetem
2B, 6, 9, 11, 19, 29, 900, 911, CITY
= Barrier free stop | low floor vehicle.